1. bend-arm (C-axis) by servo motor with exclusive transmission gears, tolerance within ±0.01°
    • clamp die by hydraulic
    • pressure die by hydraulic
    • side booster by hydraulic
    • tools/radii shifting :
    • motion up-down by servo motor
    • motion left-right by servo motor
  2. carriage (Y-axis) by servo motor with programmable speed
  3. collet (B-axis) grip by hydraulic, rotation by servo motor
  4. mandrel by hydraulic with automatic lubrication & anticipated retraction
  5. work-head capable of linear motion, serves clockwise and counterclockwise bending
    • Controller :
    • Industrial PC assorted with touch-screen display, capable of bending simulation, 3D preview and interference detection
    • programmable speed for servo axes
    • with USB port, easy for data transfer
    • convertible between manual / automatic mode
    • convertible between inch / metric setting
    • convertible between XYZ / YBC axes
    • capable of reading igs/stp file